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Bulk Matcha
"I have to say it hasn't been easy to try and be plastic free. I've had to give up many things (I'm not complaining), that being said Alex made it so easy to still enjoy my matcha plastic free! The bring your own jar method was FABULOUS. Jar pick up, and delivery exceeded my expectations. Not only is this my favourite matcha, this was the best customer service I've received in so long. THANK YOU for keeping me matcha fuelled!"
Alex F.
Virtue Artisan Earl Grey
"This tea is incredible. I drink this on a daily basis and couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Also had the opportunity to sample a few of the other teas and it's no surprise they are all amazing too!"
Ryan H.
"All Virture tea are exceptional. I haven't had this kind of fine sweet flavored oolong tea before."
Hiromi M
A Perfect Blend
"If you love tea, then you’ll absolutely love Virtue. I was more than pleased when I received my order of Lavender Mint, and Earl Grey teas. Both delicious and a new favourite of mine. I would highly recommend this socially conscious local BC tea company. Thanks Alex, and the Virtue Tea family!"
Candace G.
So glad to hear you're enjoying our tea Candace, thanks! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
Great storage for great tea!
"Great looking storage choice for great tea. Not to big, not to small. And they look great too."
Corey Y.
Sometimes we can forget about how to properly store our good tea. Thanks Corey! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
Great evening tea
"I just love this tea. I really enjoy the Earl Grey, but at night this is my go-to tea. Tastes amazing."
Best tea.......ON EARTH
"This is the best tea around. It tastes amazing. Alex gives superb customer service."
Corey Y.
Thanks Corey! We do our very best. - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
Great Matcha
"It was great for the recommended use, friends enjoy my matcha lattas and smoothies! Definitely a must buy for those who want to enjoy matcha but don't want to drink it as a tea!"
Armando M.
Thanks Armando! Send us a picture of you latte and smoothie on Instagram. - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
"My purchase has been great, and the teas are amazing!"
François B.
Thanks Frank! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
gift card
"I think it's great to have a gifting option for your products. I did a purchase for a friend's birthday gift and they loved it. She initially ran into a glitch with redeeming it , but received prompt assistance to fix the problem. Thank you ! Gabriella "
Gabriella K.
Thanks Gabriella. Your feedback was really helpful at fixing the glitch. - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
LOVE your teas !!
"I have tried just about every Chamomile tea commercially available (and there are many) and find that this blend is just delicious, and unique."
Marcella F.
I know! I was getting tired of the Chamomile oea out there and wanted to have one I would actually drink. It's surprisingly good as an iced tea with some strawberries...Thanks! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
I just love waking up
"This is my favourite reason to wake up right now. It's really cold and crappy outside but I know that I can do it with this Bergamont Beauty to look forward to. Little bit of honey, little bit of milk and I'm in heaven. "
If only the world could wake up like you do, it would be a better place :) Thanks Elissa - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
So soothing
"Hi, I use this tea to calm down and remind myself I'm loved. Very effective for self care. "
Elissa S.
Good for you Elissa...and you know what? we do care my friend. You are welcome to drop by anytime :) - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
The best tea!
"Every Virtue tea I’ve tried is excellent! Lovely flavours and great service."
Erin B.
We do our very best...Thanks Erin! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
One word. Awesome!
"This herbal tea is awesome. I love to sit and just breath in the aromatics while it cools down to drinkable temp. As for flavor, it's addictive. "
Philip B.
"I absolutely loved each of the teas and thank you so much for the sample of the chai. A friend of mine was here for tea and I served her the jasmine green tea. She thought she would like it as she drinks that flavour in another brand. Part way through she said my tea doesn’ Taste like this.than you for a wonderful product."
Dia e.
Beautiful tea, wonderful service
"I have had your chamomile rose tea and mint tea, which were both superb. The chamomile is very nice with a depth of flavour that chamomile usually does not have. I gave the jasmine pearls green tea as a gift to a good friend and tea lover. She said " it is beautiful green tea. It is really what you would get in a nice Japanese restaurant. Love it"."
Gabriella K.
Customers love it
"We have had overwhelming favourable comments since switching to Virtue teas. Customers like the blends and comment on the bags themselves."
John S.
Glad to hear your customers are enjoying our tea John. Thanks! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
Highly Recommended
"Absolutely delicious! "
Joy w.
Thanks Joy! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
Best tea ever!!!
"Simply the best tea period!!!"
Corey Y.
So glad to hear your appreciating our tea Corey. We love what we do. Thanks! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
Excellent Prodauct
"We love the tea Virtue provides for us at The Craft Connection!!"
Craft C.
We're being fans as well...Thanks Craft Connection! - VIRTUE Artisan Tea
Matcha matcha
"Awesome as always!"
Christina C.
Delicious, incredible teas!
"My favourite is the Lavender Mint and I love shopping local - either my home town or BC wide! Love these folks and their amazingly great service!"
Nancy F.
I'm hooked!!!
"The jasmine pearls green tea is the best I've ever had! ...and I've had a lot of different varieties ... The tea is excellent quality and out goes a long way. I can't imagine the labour that goes into rolling the little pearls but I'm so grateful to have found this tea company. The scent is heavenly and it puts you into that calming state of mind that tea is suppose to... Thank you Alex for great customer service and excellent product!"
Best tea ever
"Best tea around!! Hands down."
Corey Y.
Fabulous Tea !
"Quality tea and a wide selection combined with personal service is a lovely resource to have available. Thank-you “ Virtue Tea “ j o n "
john m.
My favorite snack
"This chai is really well balanced and flavorful without being too strong or spicy. It’s my new favorite afternoon snack!"
Great flavor and experience
"You won’t find better quality anywhere else. Great products and customer service!"
Andrea W.
The Best Premium Matcha
"This Matcha was the best I’ve tried. I’ve tried bigger brands but the matcha doesn’t have as clean of a taste as Virtue’s. Also the customer service was beyond great!!!"
Alex F.
Rejuvenation in a mug
"I tried a sample of this tea for the first time about a year ago and have yet to find a similar blend to be comparable in flavour and quality to this satisfying blend! "
Deena B.